My Go-To Products

Over the last decade, I’ve created a network of trusted brands and tools that power my simple life. I’ve been blessed enough to create strong partnerships with some and have highlighted them below. To be clear, I only share products and brands I know, trust and use in my everyday life. Each link is an affiliate, meaning that I’ve bonded with the company to provide you with special access and I receive a small commission for any purchases made using my links. As an ambassador for some of these brands, I’ve been given a special discount code that my peeps (aka YOU) have exclusive access to.

Translation: when you shop with my trusted partners, I’m able to give more of my work away for free and help more people. It’s a portion of the gift economy in action. In a perfect gift economy, we’d all just keep reciprocating our gifts and not need to involve monetary transactions, but we’re working within the current system to change it. I use my commissions to produce as much free content as possible and pay for the server space and apps to run both the Live Simple home base and community.


Joy Organics

Joy Organics is my go to for a pharmaceutical grade, broad spectrum (THC free) CBD oil. I have special coupons for my readers that I receive each month, so please click here for the latest coupon codes. And, my evergreen code for 20% off any product at anytime is: CSTREETSPEEPS

I use the following tinctures on a daily basis:

Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus is a brand that I love and also use on a daily basis, for both myself and my beloved hound dog. I actually love the company as much as the product! Lazarus Naturals uses a different type of extraction process that keeps their products on the more affordable side and also offer special discounts for veterans, active military and low income qualifiers. I’m all about their mission for making CBD accessible to as many as possible!! The company is also a Certified B Corp and grows their organic hemp and cannabis in Oregon. Here’s my evergreen coupon for 10% off: SIMPLELIFECBD

I use the following tinctures on a daily basis:

CBD Certification Courses

Education about cannabis and CBD can be overwhelming when you’re first getting started. It’s why I’m so grateful Green Flower has created an indepth library of courses and certifications for those wishing to learn about cannabis on a deeper level.

Certifications I recommend:

From the Inside


Unscented Creams

In a quest to solve some unfortunate skin flair ups (eczema and contact dermatitis) I decided to turn to my CBD go-to brands for a solution. And it worked. I used the following to find relief for my poor itchy skin (along with internal CBD & Cannabis use).

I use the following creams to find relief:

Massage Oils

After experimenting with the CBD creams, I decided to give the Lazarus Massage Oil a shot. It was a more economical option given the quantity of cream I was using to soothe my skin. I was not disappointed! The oil is amazing and comes in a large bottle for an economical price. This is also a great addition to a professional massage if you’re a massage therapist. Adding CBD to your massage menu will help your clients find additional relief and help you boost your bottom line by charging a premium for CBD massages.

Be sure to use my code: SIMPLELIFECBD to get 10% off your order too!

Bath Bombs

If you’re looking to treat yourself, be sure snag some CBD Bath Bombs from Joy Organics. The lavendar essential oils in these bombs will help you take your relaxation to a new level. I highly recommend a CBD Bath Bomb after a hard workout and then pamper those hard working muscles with some Joy Organics Sports Cream!

For the Outside

Edibles, Soft Gels & Vapes


I can’t recommend gummies strongly enough! And for those who are new to CBD and a little hesitant, gummies are a great starting point! I take the Joy CBD Gummies randomly during the day or when I’m dealing with a health issues like itchy skin. Gummies are also great tool for enhancing your sleep. Take a gummie about an hour before bedtime and get a fabulous night of sleep!

Soft Gels

Another fabulous tool for healing your system from within is CBD Soft Gels. I decided to try soft gels out when looking for a solution to my ongoing skin issues. I love the subtle healing from my gels and after about 3 weeks, I was sold! They’re now part of my daily CBD routine. I use the Joy Organics 25mg Soft Gels.

Yummie Goodness

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