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Your healing journey starts with education. I hold a certification in the Fundamentals of Cannabis and I’ll be sharing that knowledge throughout this site. Your journey begins through three possible starting points. Choose the adventure that meets your needs best below!


CBD is hot right now, and rightfully so. Few plants have the ability to heal many of the chronic health issues we all wrestle with in this modern world. CBD helps the body heal by regulating our endocannabinoid system. Ready to learn more? START HERE…

Cannabis (THC)

Cannabis plays a powerful role in our culture for both healing & relaxation purposes. For our conversations, we focus most of our efforts on the medicinal benefits of cannabis & how this plant can play a beneficial role in your wellness plan. GET STARTED…


No conversation about cannabis would be complete without addressing the legalities & accessibility issues surrounding the plant. We’ll look at the historical & political reasons for criminalization. We’ll also look at the modern movement to remove those past antiquated & racist laws to make this healing plant accessible to all. COMING SOON…


Making Coffee Healthier with Mushrooms & CBD

Making Coffee Healthier with Mushrooms & CBD

When coffee shops shut down for Covid, I For most of the past decade, I've spent my mornings working in a coffee shop, lulled into creativity from the buzz of humans chatting and sipping delicious espresso shots. Straight. When the world shut down in...

Getting Started with CBD & Cannabis

Getting Started with CBD & Cannabis

"Where do I start? It's all so overwhelming! Help!" A subtle deer in headlights look follows those questions with almost every conversation I have with a newcomer to cannabis. In this article, I’m going to walk my cannabis new-comers through the very basics and set...

Six Simple Steps to Start Using CBD

Six Simple Steps to Start Using CBD

The Quick Skinny on CBD... We’ve all heard the buzz around CBD oil. This medicinal plant is a powerful tool that empowers the body to heal itself. But knowing where to start and how to avoid the plethora of useless CBD products on the market can keep many people from...

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