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Everyone harbors a different vision of living a simple life. But we can’t deny that our mission for living a simple life does rely heavily on living a healthy life. My mission is to help you understand cannabis on a deeper level and help you leverage the benefits of this medicinal plant to better embrace a simple life. 

Our Crew

Crystal Street

writer & artist

Brandy The Hound

sanity keeper


Who Am I?

I’m so many things. We all are. I’m an anomaly. I’m a free spirit. I’m a wild woman and I’m an artist. I’m a rage writer, a photographer, a rockhound, a producer, technologist and digital nomad. I’m an aspiring herbalist, tiny farmer and green witch. I’m a yogi. I’m a nerd and a former journalist. I love nothing more than to stand in front of a fire hose of information, process it all through my reality lens and regurgitate it back to anyone who needs carefully curated information.

Street Cred

I began using cannabis in a recreational capacity in my late teens until the age of thirty. At age 27, I used cannabis in a medicinal capacity for the first time after a nasty shoulder surgery. The plant kept me off dangerous opioids for 8 months while I recovered. I was sold on medicinal cannabis long before it was legal. While a productive smoker, I decided to give my brain a break during my 30s as I returned to school and pursued a career in photojournalism and production.

At age 42, I began to use CBD and was hooked. I immediately noticed the low-level anxiety of living through the Trump regime lifted just a bit. I began using cannabis again, first in a recreational capacity and then for mild medicinal purposes. In 2020 I became certified in the Fundamentals of Cannabis by Green Flower. I now use both CBD and cannabis throughout the day to help me navigate the chaos of the pandemic and to keep my health optimized to fight off virus’ and the wear and tear of modern living.


CBD is hot right now, and rightfully so. Few plants have the ability to heal many of the chronic health issues we all wrestle with in this modern world. CBD helps the body heal by regulating our endocannabinoid system. Ready to learn more? START HERE…

Cannabis (THC)

Cannabis plays a powerful role in our culture for both healing & relaxation purposes. For our conversations, we focus most of our efforts on the medicinal benefits of cannabis & how this plant can play a beneficial role in your wellness plan. GET STARTED…


No conversation about cannabis would be complete without addressing the legalities & accessibility issues surrounding the plant. We’ll look at the historical & political reasons for criminalization. We’ll also look at the modern movement to remove those past antiquated & racist laws to make this healing plant accessible to all. COMING SOON…

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