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Your CBD & Cannabis Journey

My mission is simple—to empower your journey with this ancient & profound healing plant. I write essays, curate trusted products & provide insights on living a holistic & simple life with cannabis & CBD. 

Our Conversation(s)


Cannabis can help support your Live Simple journey once you understand the healing attributes of this medicinal plant. Are you ready?

Can Cannabis Help You?


In order to understand the power of this medicinal plant, you must also understand both its historical role throughout our society & why advocacy for legalization is so important now. Advocacy content coming soon!


Your simple healing journey starts with CBD & understanding how it can support your wellness goals. Learning the difference between THC & CBD are also a key part of your adventure with Cannabis.

6 Steps To Start w/CBD

Let's Simplify Your Understanding of Cannabis & CBD

Approaching your healing journey using cannabis requires an open and a well-versed mind for all things related to this powerful healing plant. And remembering that it’s just that– a plant– is our starting point.
Let’s elevate our understanding of just how powerful a plant can be when leveraged to empower healing and peace.

Our modern times call for a whole new approach to managing our health and taking control back from big pharma and a broken health care system. One tool in this fight is our medicinal plants. Our conversation starts with cannabis- for medicinal and recreational purposes. Now. I’ve gathered all of my knowledge, partnerships & resources into one container for you to use freely & share widely.

Let’s take a cannabis journey together. Are you in?


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